Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Marketing for 2019

Most companies have been outsourcing a portion of their marketing function for many years - advertising.

But increasingly, expertise in marketing lies outside the walls of the traditional firm. In research, strategy optimization, multi-channel digital development, customer management and many more disciplines, project work is outsourced to experts. And that’s why more and more companies are turning to marketing partners like Lucidity London.

When we’re asked “when should I outsource my marketing?” our response is clear and simple: when it’s not a core competency.

Of course, it’s often a more complicated decision than that. But in our experience of working with clients over the past 10 years, the main reasons which prompt our clients to work with us include:



Scenarios Given


Access to expertise

gain access to the expertise and skills needed to perform key marketing tasks, and hook up with talent that may not be attracted working in-house


Expert point of view

get unbiased insights and a fresh perspective on the development of a realistic but high performing marketing strategy, and then implement it


Safe pair of hands

experienced, qualified project management with links to high quality suppliers e.g. researchers, web designers, photographers, printers and event organisers


Up-to-date tools

modern tools and techniques for defining the marketing strategy, reaching the target market and meeting objectives


Release time

tick marketing details off the to-do list, reduce time consuming liaison between suppliers and free up precious management time


Increase flexibility

options for support in executing a one-off project or for two days a week implementing the marketing strategy


Keep costs down

marketing expertise without the commitment and cost of employing full-time employees while maintaining high standards of execution


Bring new ideas and thinking

develop new services and campaigns required to get, keep and grow customers


Mentoring and training

provide direction to an inexperienced employee, junior marketing team or executive team on an specific topic e.g. multi-channel retail


Boost quality

improve the quality of marketing as the business grows while professionalizing the marketing competency