7 Signs Your Strategy Lacks Clarity

Strategic clarity is essential if an organisation is to use its resources wisely to drive superior performance, with higher revenues and profits and a happier workforce the principal beneficiaries.

Below are 7 indicators which suggest a strategy is lacking a clear sense of purpose. How many of these affect you, or the people around you?
  1. Priorities and goals seem to jump around at a moment’s notice
  2. Urgency wins over importance
  3. Many cannot confidently articulate their top priorities, let alone those of the company
  4. The tail is wagging the dog; new ideas and events derail current plans
  5. Cynicism and resignation are more common than enthusiasm
  6. There are too many priorities (which means there really are no priorities)
  7. The organisation invests significant time and money in projects that produce little in the way of tangible results

If you see any of these signs, either your company’s strategic direction is too fuzzy, fleeting, unstable or broad. Or your organisation has not translated it sufficiently to obtain useful guidance from it. Either way, the organisation is under-prepared to make wise investment decisions.

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