Realistically, you can only initially sell a meeting on first contact

In the professional services industry, no matter what sort of sales and marketing strategy you’re employing, chances are none of your individual activities will result in a direct sell. In fact, making a sale shouldn’t actually be your objective. In my experience, it just doesn’t work like that.
The aim of your marketing activities i.e. having an optimised website, running a targeted advertising campaign, implementing a direct marketing programme, curating a conference, making ‘cold calls’ etc. should simply be to get you in front of your prospects.

Lucidity London sees marketing initiatives as a means to an end - not the end in itself. You should be employing them solely for the purpose of getting you to that all-important first meeting. Yes, advertising can be sexy, design can be gorgeous, PR fabulous but the purpose that you must keep at the forefront of your mind is simply “I want to meet that person!”

Your aim should be to meet the person (or people even) before your competitors do and it will undoubtedly help if a meeting takes place against a background where your marketing messages have already entered their brain! Your marketing, therefore, is preparatory. It sets the scene. It softens up your prospects so you can begin the process of turning strangers into friends!

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